Seasonal Color Wheel by Sasha Duerr of Permacouture Institute

on Square Market

Illustrates palette of natural dyes available from seasonal plants common to the San Francisco Bay Area. Concentric rings represent the color as impacted by mordants used: Outer ring, no mordant (plant by itself); second ring, alum; third ring, alum and iron; inner ring, just iron.

Signed and dated by artist on back.
Dimensions: 13"x19" (a standard framing size)

Text beneath wheel states, "the best way to sample the seasonal color wheel is to awaken your senses, visit your local farmer and flower markets, get to know our community and the ecology in which you live."

Sasha Duerr is an adjunct professor in the Textiles and Fine Arts Departments at the California College of Art and founded and directs the Permacouture Institute. Her work is a cross-pollination of textiles and environmental systems thinking, inspired by ecological principles found in permaculture, as well as regenerative design for food, clothing, and shelter. Duerr has been in two shows at Interface Gallery - Food Shift, November 2012, and Manzanita, Nettles, Yarrow, Sweet Gum and Jade, April 2013.