Rebeca Bollinger, Dana Hemenway and Sean Talley

August 20th - September 20th
Opening Reception: Friday, September 4th, 6-9 pm

Interface Gallery is pleased to present Gesture/Fragment/Trace: Rebeca Bollinger, Dana Hemenway and Sean Talley.

Loosely connected by the fragmentary, gestural nature of their work, these artists each create objects that function as traces or records - be it of a process, memory, or specific thing. They are cast, shaped and extruded, minimalistic and iterative.

Beyond these relationships, their practices--subjects, materials and approaches--are as distinct as they are interesting. For example, Hemenway creates silicone and urethane casts of objects used to display art, imbuing the already strange shapes with a new sense of chance, while Talley makes meticulous graphite-powder drawings that start out as whimsical laptop doodles.

Gesture/Fragment/Trace allows space for viewers to fully engage with the conceptual and poetic aspects of each of these artists' work, independent of one another. Meanwhile, the proximity of the work invites interesting resonances and connections to emerge.