Bodily Engagements | Abby Crain, Lisa Rybovich Crallé, Lauren McKeon, Brontez Purnell, Renée Rhodes and Sophia Wang

January 21st - March 13th, 2016

Bodily Engagements brings performance and visual art practices into relationship through four dynamic, two-week long projects organized by a talented selection of Bay Area artists: Brontez Purnell and Sophia Wang, Abby Crain, Manners (Lisa Rybovich Crallé/Sophia Wang), and Lauren McKeon and Renée Rhodes. The series is designed to engage audiences in immersive experiences that are at once visual, temporal, and spatial, highlighting a sense of the body through actual performance and performative, physical elements of the work presented.

There will be as many as fifteen performances over the course of this eight-week series and each project presents a visual art installation to be explored during and outside of scheduled performances.

This project is supported by funds from The Zellerbach Family Foundation, Kennith Rainin Foundation, and The Clorox Company Foundation.

PRESS: 'Bodily Engagements' is a Dialectic Between Dancers and Sculptors | East Bay Express | Sarah Burke


Project #1

January 21st - 31st
Fake Autobiographies: The Love Story of... | Brontez Purnell + Sophia Wang

Sophia Wang and Brontez Purnell present scenes from a new experimental movement duet, which tells the story of an interracial couple who meet during the 1960s eruption of the Civil Rights, Free Speech, and anti-war movements on U.C. Berkeley's campus, and tracks the couple through the aftermath of these years. The project includes multimedia set design pieces that will serve as the environment for open rehearsals, a public "be-in,” as well as an immersive installation on view during regular gallery hours. A final, free, live performance will culminate the project.

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Project #2

February 1st - 14th
“The darkest place is always underneath the lamp." | Abby Crain, Matt Gagnon, Jose Navarette, Mara Poliak, and Maryanna Lachmann

Teaming up with Los Angeles based lightworker and installation artist Matt Gagnon, movement artists Abby Crain, Jose Navarette, Mara Poliak and Maryanna Lachmann, undergo a series of duets and trios of euphoric intimate annihilation, surrender and disorientation, dazzlement and illusion. The artists work from non human frameworks to reconfigure coexistence, love, intimacy, and survival. The darkest place is always underneath the lamp invites us into a luminous, dynamic landscape in which, blinded by brilliance, we accompany four figures as they forage for allies and soulmates. There will be numerous performances throughout this project.

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Project #3

February 15th - 28th
"Making Plain" | Manners (Lisa Rybovich Crallé + Sophia Wang) featuring Olive Blackburn and Titania Kumehg

Manners presents a new project that explores camouflaging, spatial distortions, and an elastic movement score as strategies to distribute gallery visitors' viewing and sensory attention across a full installation field. Making Plain will include two Saturday performances in addition to improvised movement sessions that will be viewable to the public. Wang, Kumeh, and Blackburn will perform a score based on dynamics of spatial and movement legibility that emerge from Crallé’s immersive sculptural installation.

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Project #4

March 1st - 13th
Lauren McKeon and Renée Rhodes

Lauren McKeon and Renee Rhodes end the Bodily Engagements series with a collaborative project pairing McKeon's sculpture with movement presented by Rhodes.

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