Lana Williams: no uniform
Wednesday, July 8th - Sunday, August 16th, 2015

same no same
no same same

out in—difference no difference
signal, sign, gesture

the change spreads, you find it on the floor, soft or cold,
it only hopes to open windows
flow, fold rigid, hold on to letting go

there is always more to the thing—infinite loops

A solo exhibition of new work by Lana Williams, featuring a series of paintings, sculpture and hand painted silk.Using similar methods of painting on the silk and the canvas, Williams highlights how subtle differences in material can influence perceptions of value. Through her layering of mediums and attention to display she seeks to reveal failures in culturally designated value systems.

William’s choice of colors, gestures, and marks stem from her interest in how dress is influenced by these systems, but can also be used subversively in coded ways and express the fluidity of identity.

The exhibition takes its name from Williams’ memory of “no uniform Fridays” at the school she attended when she was a kid–a time of exploring the balance between individuality and fitting in.