John Zane Zappas | Mind Lines
Friday, August 5th - Sunday, September 11th

The line is a whole, an identity, for a particular place and time.
- Fred Sandback

Interface Gallery is pleased to announce Mind Lines, a solo exhibition of recent sculptures and drawings by LA-based John Zane Zappas. For the duration of Zappas' exhibition, the gallery will become a stage for the interplay between image, object, and body—an ongoing inquiry in his recent practice.

Zappas’ practical sculptures sit in the fuzzy terrain between Ikea, your favorite rock, and a Shaker chair. Carved from found wood and charred to an intense carbon black, they are accommodating in their suggested functionality and resolute in their visual form. Continuing his interest in collective authorship, in Mind Lines Zappas will present a set of 19 oil stick drawings on melamine (a material most often found in disposable furniture) that the viewer can rearrange on the gallery wall as they see fit. Aimed at a plurality of spatial and linguistic readings, the black line in the drawings serves as a lyrical record of a discrete bodily impulse. Here, the viewer then enters into a participatory relationship with these markings—choosing their orientation, order, and arrangement—ultimately adding to the lexicon of Zappas’ hand.