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Some other sense of time and space | Linda Geary and May Wilson

This exhibition presents a single large painting by Geary and a single sculpture by Wilson. The works exude a quality of presence, activating the space, while also activating one another.

Geary’s painting is very physical. Her engagement with the picture plane stems from her interest in exploring the body, space and time through layering, scraping and reapplying color and shapes until a dynamic composition is achieved. Wilson's sculptural work is similarly engaged with ideas of the body and relationships with the physical spaces her work inhabits. She employs industrial fabrics like vinyl, plastics and nylon strapping, creating sagging, limb-like, organic sculptures that are sewn and bound together. Geary and Wilson both encourage a highly visceral experience of their materials, textures and colors.

Both artists' practices can be linked to the dialogue between sculpture and painting, experimentation and performance that characterized painting and sculpture of the 1960s and 70s. The work resonates with Marcia Tucker’s description of Jane Kauffman’s work from that era, which she described as capturing “some other sense of time and space, belonging to the world, but stronger than my immediate surroundings.”