Maysha Mohamedi and Julia Haft-Candell | The 8th Dimension
February 17 - March 19
Reception: Friday,  February 17, 6-8 pm

Press Release


Interface Gallery is excited to announce The 8th Dimension, an exhibition that brings together the work of two LA based artists, painter Maysha Mohamedi and ceramic sculptor, Julia Haft-Candell. Mohamedi will present a diptych that spans a large wall in the gallery and Haft-Candell will present large floor works in dialogue with Mohamedi's painting.

Both artists employ playful abstract shapes and colorful layers of paint or glaze and gestural marks. Their work engages the body with its scale and shares a performative quality –found in the spontaneous process of Mohamedi, whose body is physically engaged as she moves around the canvas and Haft-Candell's works, which are arranged on the floor, creating relationships with one another like characters on a stage.

Furthering the connection between their work for this show, Mohamedi, who often uses hand-made tools, has taken broken ceramic pieces from Haft-Candell's "parts" drawers to make marks on her painting.  These paint dipped pieces will be presented as part of the installation.

The title The 8th Dimension refers to the way the artists enjoy imagining new dimensions and how their work seeks to pull the viewer into other dimensions of experiencing.  Additionally, the number eight is a curving, elegant shape that might also be seen as iterative, like the recurring gestures and forms in the artists' work.